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VIPP (very intense pressure pulses)


NO SIDE EFFECTS FDA Cleared it as a Class 1 Medical Device

In the realm of cutting-edge medical advancements, Cellsonic Therapy stands as a beacon of hope for regenerative healing.This innovative treatment harnesses the power of sound waves to initiate a transformative journey within the human body. By doing so, it promotes healing at a cellular level. From chronic pain to tissue rejuvenation, Cellsonic Therapy offers a non-invasive and remarkably effective solution.

Science acknowledges that the cells constituting the human body resemble batteries operating through bio-electricity. Studies have shown that much like batteries various health conditions have differences in voltageIPPT technology generates acoustic pulse waves at a billionth of a second affecting the cellsOur body is “electric,” and each cell has a positive and a negative charge, just like a battery.The IPPT technology awakens the immune system which further helps to address the damaged cells.

The primary objective is to help treat people with various health conditions naturally

There is also a weakening of the electrical charge of dysfunctional cells, due to chemical toxins in our foodair and water, which is a factor in Cancer patients. An inexperienced CellSonic VIPP operator can cause no harm by targeting healthy cells in the body instead of the target site. However, administering the wrong dose of drugs to a patient could prove to be fatal.

Cellsonic thearpy
Non invasive cellsonic thearpy

Andrew Hague, President of CellSonic Limited and a Professor of Advanced Medicine, made a groundbreaking discovery: he found that the application of highly intense pulses from the CellSonic machine can cure cancer. This revolutionary method eliminates the need for drugs, prevents any side effects, and spares patients from suffering.

Dr Gupta in Mumbai performed more treatments with similar successes on cancers. The conventional approach to cancer is to kill tumor’s by toxins, radiation or surgical removal. All three methods have dangerous side effects and often make a bad situation worse. The Cellsonic pulses change the cancer cell’s polarity stopping further replication.


CellSonic VIPP not only kills infections and Dengue, but it is also the exclusive remedy for gangrene and diabetes.

Healing occurs for large wounds that have remained open for years within a span of a few weeks to several months.

Cures COVIT (kills the virus) A success rate of 100% on cancers in all areas of the body.

Kills bacteria and parasites, including all mutant variations, while also promoting the healing of bones

No special diet is required. Alcohol, smoking and narcotics are forbidden.