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Developed by Russian scientists since the early 1990’s, the OBERON is the most revolutionary computer programmed invention available in the world today for analysing and treating all the body’s organs and functions. The oberon scan – a non-invasive system adeptly evaluates and rectifies energetic imbalances.

The Oberon diagnostic machine has its origins in the Russian space program. And is based on 20 years of research.

The OBERON is used in Russia and is considered a very modern device; however, the methods are similar to traditional Chinese medicine.

As the Oberon is used for assessing organ function and not structure, it bears no resemblance to an MRI, CT or Ultrasound scan.

A conventional doctor may prescribe medicine for a heart condition, the Oberon diagnosis accurately and identifies the underlying medical problem in the body and may diagnosis the thyroid could be the root problem.

On daily basis, we encounter a rising array of environmental stresses and pathogens, including some that have developed antibiotic resistance. Parasites, a prime example, are recognized culprits behind numerous conditions affecting both people and pets in our contemporary society.

For years, health practitioners have utilized energy medicine machines like the Oberon Bio-scan to eradicate these invaders without resorting to drugs. In addition, bio-resonance has supported many cancer patients, along with conventional treatments, with ground breaking results.

Feeling tiered, not sleeping under the weather and wanting to improve your health without depending on drugs? Our Pre-diagnostic scanner & therapeutic device, can help bring you to optimal health.

Oberon Therapy
Non-invasive frequency based Oberon Therapy


  • Rebalances the body so that it can start to heal itself!
  • Furthermore, the system can record and analyze allergies, food intolerances, and environmental impacts like toxins and heavy metals.
  • Finds weaknesses in the skeleton, organs, blood, tissue etc. Furthermore, there are no side effects, unpleasantness or injury after the treatment.
  • A print out of the report on findings can be taken at the end of the session.
  • The Oberon is the only device worldwide capable of detecting “spectral analysis of turbulent magnetic fields” in living organisms and measuring the “bioelectric activity of brain neurons.
  • Effective in challenging cases such as those suffering from depression and addiction.
  • Reveals abnormalities in tissues, cells or organs with upto 90% accuracy.
  • The machine is able to scan each organ or tissue on a cellular level to determine the level of stress an organ is experiencing or whether any diseases are in the early stages of development.
  • The device can also detect any imbalances or weaknesses that might lead to illness.
  • If the body is suffering from a silent inflammation, it can identify whether the problem is in the gut or the kidneys.
  • It’s non-invasive and can be used on infants and children.
  • Additionally, it identifies Allergens and environmental toxins.

The Oberon provides a non-intrusive and safe health check for the following:

  • The cardiovascular system – Examining the Heart and Blood
  • Bronchi-pulmonary system – Analyzing the airways for optimal respiratory health
  • Gastro-intestinal tract – Probing Digestion and intestinal well being
  • Genital-urinary system – Assessing reproductive organs and urinary functions
  • Musculoskeletal system – Evaluating muscles health and vitality.
  • The endocrine system – Scrutinizing glands and hormones equilibrium
  • Visual and hearing aids – Nurturing the well being of Eyes and ears
  • The nervous system – Brain, spine and nerves.

Operating on a cellular level, the Oberon scan uncovers weaknesses and imbalances with precision and clarity.